1967-1968 Mustang Pro Touring Rolling Package (for Mini-Tubbed vehicles)

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1967-1968 Ford Mustang Suspension Rolling Package

TCI Engineering’s 1967-1968 Ford Mustang Pro Touring IFS is engineered for increased performance, strength, control, drivability, handling capabilities and opens up your engine compartment. Maximizing performance and increased ground clearance while lowering the vehicle were the primary goals. TCI Engineers designed all geometry around our custom spindle with bolt on steering arms. This custom spindle allowed us to better control camber gain and scrub radius vs. traditional Mustang II spindles. Our custom bolt on steering arms allow more turning radius, better Ackerman and virtually no measurable bump steer. We use a quick ratio Fox Body rack & pinion so steering is precise for street or track. Wilwood 12″ Pro-Series Forged Billet Front Hub & Rotor Kit with black 4 piston Dynalite calipers are included. Upper & lower shock mounting position has been carefully engineered to improve motion ratio.

We strengthen the frame rails of the 1967-1968 Ford Mustang Pro Touring IFS by fully encapsulating them with boxing plates. The boxing plates locate off of existing holes on the frame which takes away any guess work for placement. Our crossmember and upper shock mounts locate off the boxing plates so installation is straight forward. Boxing plates include rosette weld slots to maximize strength. The filler panels for the shock towers add critical strength as well. Replacement inner fender panels reuse many of the factory shock tower holes making panel alignment very easy. We raised the crossmember up against the bottom of the frame rails as far as possible to increase ground clearance and maximize vehicle drop. 1,000,001 Mile Warranty Ridetech Coil-over shocks come standard and provide further height adjustment and 26 way ride comfort control.

The 1967-1968 Ford Mustang Torque Arm Rear Suspension (designed for cars equipped with DSE mini-tubs) assembly is engineered for Street, Autocross and Road Course Applications. TCI Engineering’s Torque Arm rear suspension was designed to eliminate the suspension bind that occurs when cornering using the stock conventional leaf spring suspension. The Torque Arm features a telescoping slider at the front of the arm that rotates/plunges as the car goes through suspension travel and articulation. This allows the cars handling to be controlled by the coil-over shocks and the rear sway bar with no suspension binding variables. In addition to the subframe connectors we also have an “A” frame connector that diagonally connects the link bar mounts to the drive shaft loop. This makes the center structure of the car very rigid.

The kit allows for a lowered stance, greater rear axle control and dramatically improved handling. 1,000,001 Mile Warranty Ridetech Coil-over shocks come standard and provide fine tuning of height adjustment and 26 way ride comfort control. There are 3 additional height adjustments on the axle brackets in one inch increments.

The 1967-1968 Ford Mustang Pro-Touring Rolling Package comes with a Currie 9″ axle housing (55 5/16″ A/F to A/F) and 31 spline axles. Complete 9” Currie axle housings come with all bracketry fixture welded and ready to be installed. Late Large housing ends are fixture welded and 31 spline axles are included. Whether you’re cruising to the show on a Sunday morning or tearing up the track on a Saturday afternoon the TCI Engineering 1967-1968 Ford Mustang Pro Touring Rolling Package has you covered.

TCI Engineering stands by our products with a Dual Warranty: Lifetime Warranty for in-house manufactured items, and 6-Year, 60,000-Mile for wear and tear items. Elevate your drive — experience the TCI difference today!


Pro Touring IFS:

  • Weld-in Frame Reinforcement plates
  • Weld-in crossmember
  • RideTech Single Adjustable Coil-Over Shocks
  • Black powder coated springs
  • Greaseable urethane bushings
  • 1” Performance anti-roll bar
  • 1 1/8” x .156w U.S. DOM Steel lower tubular A-arms
  • 1” x .156w U.S. DOM Steel upper tubular A-arms
  • Power rack and pinion
  • TCI Custom Spindles (2” drop) with custom steering arms
  • 12” Wilwood Drilled & Slotted Pro Hub brake kit with black 4 piston calipers
  • Inner Fender Panels
  • SBF Engine Mounts
  • Detailed installation manual


Torque Arm Rear Suspension:

  • 1¼” High Performance Link Bars
  • 1¾” Torque arm with slider & reinforcing flanges
  • 1½” Coil-over crossmember with channel brackets
  • 1¼” Adjustable Panhard bar with LH & RH rod ends
  • Adjustable pinion support tubes with rod ends with tabs and install tool
  • 1¾” Crossmember with drive shaft loop
  • Bolt-on trailing arm channel brackets
  • Floor reinforcing plates and hardware
  • Greaseable urethane bushings
  • RideTech single adjustable coil-over shocks
  • 1¾” Sub-frame connectors
  • Anti-sway bar
  • New Currie 9” Ford Axle Housing (55 5/16″ A/F to A/F) with all torque arm & anti-sway bar brackets installed
  • 31 Spline forged axles with Timken set 20 bearings
  • Detailed installation manual
  • The primary crossmember utilizes 3/16″ thick American made steel for additional strength and durability.
  • Eliminates the factory shock towers for more engine bay clearance and more header clearance.
  • Replacement inner panels provide strength and a clean look
  • Engineered to lower the center of gravity of your vehicle to decrease body roll and increase handling performance while allowing plenty of ground clearance.
  • Custom spindles CNC machined in-house using 4140 chro-moly spindle shafts and custom bolt on steering arms
  • Quick ratio power rack and pinion
  • Frame reinforcements plates add strength and rigidity to the frame rails
  • The engine mounts have been engineered with laser cut precision using 3/16″ thick American made steel for additional strength and durability.
  • Greater rear axle control and dramatically improved handling
  • Torque Arm allows bind free articulation
  • Adjustable Link bars eliminate wheel hop
  • Driveshaft loop provides added safety
  • Subframe connectors add rigidity
  • All TIG welded for the highest quality and strength
  • True bolt-in with no cutting into the floor required
  • Lowered stance and center of gravity
  • Adjustable pinion bars make pinion angle changes a breeze
  • 1¼” High Performance Link Bars handle big power
  • Complete new 9” axle housings are fully welded and ready to be bolted in.
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