The backbone of the automotive world is you. You're the Builder who has a shop and turns wrenches on American classics every day. You do the work that others can't - and won't do. TCI wants to support you, your customers and to be a partner of our family of Builders.

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TCI Group Photo 2023

Our History

Since 1974 Total Cost Involved has been a family business providing the best chassis and suspension parts available. When you slide a TCI Chassis under your customers' ride, you're not just giving them the best suspension you can. You're joining the family of Builders from coast to coast.

TCI was built on the back of our Founder and President Ed Moss but has grown to include a family of Engineers, Machinists and Technical Sales Advisors. When you purchase from us you're not just helping your customer, you're helping the amazing family that built that chassis.

We want you to partner with the TCI family

All the support you need including a lifetime warranty on our custom made parts along with a 6-year, 60,000-mile warranty on any wear and tear items.

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