Total Confidence Warranty

Our legacy of quality and commitment to customer service gives you peace of mind that you’re always getting chassis and suspension parts engineered for performance and safety. Which is why we’ve taken that assurance a step further with the best warranty in the classic car and truck industry.

Whether you spend $600 on a leaf spring kit or $10,000+ on a complete rolling chassis, Total Cost Involved will stand behind our wear-and-tear products* for six years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. This is in addition to our lifetime warranty on all in-house manufactured items.

When you buy from Total Cost Involved, you can be confident that you’re getting a long-term partnership with an industry leader.

Our wear-and-tear items include:
Link Bar Bushings, Anti-Sway Bar Bushings, Pedal Arm Bushing, Front Shocks, Front Shock Bushings, Torque Arm Slider Bushings, Torque Arm Slider Boot, Rack & Pinion Bushings, Axles, Bolt-On Anti-Sway Bar Brackets, Brake Line, Brake Line Clamps, Rear Axle Seals, Thru-Frame Fittings, Leaf Spring U-Bolts, TCI All American Coil-Overs, Coil-Over Bushings, Coil-Over Spherical Bearings, Anti-Sway Bars, Booster, Master Cylinder (Brake & Clutch), Upper Control Arm Cross-shaft, Brake Hoses, Bushing Adjusters, King Pins, Vega Steering Box, Steering U-Joints, Steering Column, Engine/Transmission Mounts, Shocks, Springs (Coil & Leaf), Air Bags, Proportioning Valve, Check Valves, Hardware, Power Steering Hose Kit, Flow Valves, and Headers

*Excludes brake rotors, pads, drums and shoes. Claims must be filed by the original purchaser of the products. Parts must be properly installed, used and maintained, unmodified, undamaged and are subject to inspection. Free replacement parts only, non-refundable. Labor and freight included.

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