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TCI Engineering Legacy


Ontario, CA — In 1974, Ed Moss, Founder and President of Total Cost Involved Engineering, turned his passion into a thriving Classic Car restoration business. It all started with a first of its kind, a chassis for a Ford Model “A”, turning a much weaker frame into a more solid foundation for drivability and safety. It quickly became the best chassis and suspension available for the Model ‘A’ in the marketplace, setting a design standard and trademark for excellence in engineering and workmanship… a tradition that lives on today.

“I’m so proud of our technical sales advisors, engineers, welders and machinists, many of whom have worked with us for 20 years or more… they truly are experts, and they know the importance of what quality engineering means to each customer they serve.” said Ed Moss.

Over its 45 years, TCI has broadened its mix of chassis and suspension products for Street Rodders, Hot Rodders, Truck and Muscle Car enthusiasts, nationwide. Through our modernized, 32,000 square foot facility, we have satisfied thousands of customers and projects over the years, and successfully tested many of their products for drivability and performance on challenging tracks around the country.

“We made a promise at our founding: To partner with each customer to help them build the perfect ride, each time. Comfort, performance and safety is at the heart of every part we manufacture — always has been, always will be — that’s our promise to our customers, and to ourselves.” Mr. Moss explained.

Total Cost Involved Engineering takes quality very seriously; we’ve earned numerous design and track performance awards over the years, including the coveted “Manufacturer of the Year” Award from SEMA-SRMA. Which is why the company offers the best Warranty in the classic car and truck restoration industry: A 6 year–60,000-mile Warranty on wear-and-tear items, plus a Lifetime Warranty on any part we manufactured in-house. We strongly feel that quality doesn’t cost, it pays real dividends for all.

“TCI is a great company; they have worked with us to design a package that fits our needs perfectly. They are by far the best chassis for the money and the fact that they keep evolving and making them better shows their commitment to the hotrod community. Its partnerships like this that allow us to build our Ultimate 3100 trucks.” says Brad Apicella, Apicella Designs, and see his full testimony at Total Cost Involved/testimonials.