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The Ford Falcon was a huge hit because it was small, performed reasonably well and was affordable. When the Falcon’s platform used the Mustang, most of the pony car’s upgrades made it back to the Falcon in the form of the V8-powered Sprint. This made it easy to turn this simple car into a serious performer. Of course, your custom Falcon doesn’t have to rely on 1960s technology. When you upgrade your 1960-1965 Ford Falcon with parts from Total Cost Involved, you can get the look you want while improving the traction, reliability and performance of your vehicle. We back everything we manufacture with the best warranty in the industry and provide the support you need for an easy installation. We currently have a 5-day lead time on suspensions. Get a quote now!

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  • 1960-1965 Falcon, Comet, & Ranchero Coil Spring IFS

    Coil Spring IFS

    Original price was: $3,816.00.Current price is: $3,434.00.
  • Ford Falcon Triangulated 4-Link Suspension

    Triangulated 4-Link Rear Suspension

    Original price was: $2,185.00.Current price is: $1,967.00.
  • Rearend With Brake 1

    Currie 9″ Rear Axle

  • 60-65 Falcon Suspension Package 200off Wilwood

    Coil Spring IFS & 4-Link Package

    Original price was: $6,000.00.Current price is: $5,400.00.