V8 Builds Track Day – Presented by AFR (Air Flow Research)


The V8BUILDS Track Event presented by Air Flow Research is shaping up to become the West Coast’s premier gathering of performance V8 powered vehicles of all makes and models. Our inaugural V8 Builds track event is taking place at the famous Willow Springs International Raceway – on the Streets of Willow road course.


V8BUILDS welcomes all car enthusiasts, including owners of classic muscle cars, modern muscle cars, resto-mod and pro touring builds! We also welcome the new community of hot rodders who have swapped monstrous V8 engines into their European or Japanese cars! Even if you’re just mildly curious about building a V8 project car or shopping for a brand-new V8 vehicle from off of the dealership lot, we welcome you!


The ‘LittleSweetie’ just received some new upgrades from Silver Sport Transmissions and Currie Enterprises the week prior so Evan did some break in miles on the way to Willow Springs. That new T56 Magnum has transformed this car into a monster. It can bang gears at 7K RPM without a miscue now. It provides a peace of mind that the Muncie just couldn’t provide. Downshifting at break neck speeds is a breeze now thanks to the precision of the Silver Sport Transmission shifter.


Ed brought out his ’67 Mustang to kick some Nova tail. You’ll notice that the front fender flares aren’t color matched. This car also received some upgrades the week preceeding the event. The car was previously shod monster 295 Michelin tires up front. That just wasn’t enough for Ed so he modified the fender flares to make room for the 315/30/18 BF Goodrich Rival S. This was also the first event with our new 427″, AFR Headed, 13:1 compression, 600HP powerplant.


Evan going wheel to wheel in the intermediate class. He ran a couple low 1:30’s which is pretty darn fast for his first time at this track.


Ed, sitting on pit row waiting for his chance to burn some race fuel.


Tim ‘Skrape’ Katz also came out with his Black Widow Exhaust equipped ’66 Nova Longroof. This Magnuson supercharged LS3 powered monster seats 4 but is every bit a streetable race car. I had the pleasure of sitting in the flag tower as this car spit fire out of the exhaust shifting to 4th gear at 100 mph.





We went most of the day without trouble but a fluid leak late in the day halted Ed’s day. Turned out to be a power steering hose fitting. You can only imagine how hard this car is to turn with no power steering and 315 tires on the steering axle. Ed’s day was done.


Bill Speed put on a show in his Black Widow Exhaust S10. This guy knows how to get the crowd excited. He literally destroyed a brand new set of tires just for the heck of it.



www.chevyhardcore.com was also in attendance. They shot Evan’s car for an upcoming fature so keep your eyes out.