1957 GMC 100 Pickup, Ultra Motorsports

  • 1957 Gmc 100 Pickup Ultra Motorsports 1


  • "TCI’s chassis made it really easy. All the mounting points were right on. The chassis has great handling, a lowered center of gravity, and a smoother ride." - Todd Lowden, Ultra Motorsports, 1957 GMC 100

  • 1957 GMC 100 Pickup Truck built by Ultra Motorsports
  • Equipped with Total Cost Involved (TCI) Engineering Custom IFS & 4-Link Chassis
  • Powered by a GM Performance LS3 crate engine with 525 horsepower, and an automatic transmission
  • Coverd with Sherwin Williams’ Genesis epoxy primer, P30 primer, topped with their “Back in Black” base coat with a top coat of CC200 Dynamic Clear.
  • Dakota Digital instruments

  • http://www.chevyhardcore.com/features/sema-coverage/sema-2017-ultra-motorsports-1957-gmc-100-with-tci-4-link-chassis/
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdl2kVQLpsQ