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We are proud to offer you our new 1969-1972 Chevy K5 Blazer Classic Chassis. Putting our 50 years of design and engineering expertise to work, we begin with 8 laser cut frame pieces of U.S. derived .134w steel. Each piece of the frame rail is fixture welded and ground smooth. The frame rails are then placed into a chassis fixture where we add front and rear crossmembers and center section. Compared to the factory frame rails, our engineers widened the rails ahead of the cab and narrowed them behind the cab. This allows you more room for headers and steering components, up front. While outback, this allowed us to mount the shocks outside the frame rails which maximizes roll stiffness and still have plenty of room for massive tires. The center section is comprised of 12 pieces of 1”x2” .120w U.S. derived steel adding even more rigidity. Center section design allows for 3” round tube exhaust to fit with room to spare. This is the most well thought out 1969-1972 K5 Blazer Chassis available today.

Our commitment to our customers, and our role in helping build a perfect ride, is at the core of our relationship with you. That’s why our Pro-Touring IFS comes standard. This American Made front end will provide the ultimate in handling, weight savings and strength. It is based on our Custom Modular truck spindle and bolt on steering arms. Proprietary geometry maximizes comfort and performance. Spindles come with 12” rotors and calipers and can be upgraded to 13″ or 14″ Wilwood 6 piston Brakes. The crossmember is moved forward to center the front wheel in the well. We use heavy duty componentry throughout to provide safe, long lasting enjoyment. The upper control arm mount design provides easy camber and caster adjustments. We have raised the front crossmember so it is now above the bottom of the frame rails. This helps provide ample ground clearance at significant ride height drop. Ridetech 1,000,001 mile warranty adjustable coilovers come standard up front.

Our engineers have made a performance 4-Link the standard rear suspension for the K5 Blazer chassis. Performance driven axle brackets provide not only anti-squat adjustments but also ride height without having to preload the coilovers. Fine tuning ride height further with the adjustable coil-overs is a breeze. Adjustable link bars allow fine tuning of wheelbase and pinion angle, eliminate wheel hop, and provide excellent axle control for big or small HP applications. Link bars and coilovers are mounted outside of the narrowed rear frame rails to provide better roll control. The rebound adjustable Ridetech coilovers allow you to retain comfort and the utility you expect from a pickup. Ridetech 1,000,001 mile warranty adjustable coilovers come standard on the rear.

TCI Engineering & Currie Enterprises complete 9 inch Ford Rearend. TCI Engineering fabricates all of its 9 inch Ford Rearend housings in-house using only high quality 100% Curries 9-Plus rear end components. Modeled after the popular factory 9” Ford housing which is now nearly extinct. The 9-Plus is made of U.S. supplied premium grade formed steel. Strength and rigidity is increased by using thicker gauge steel. The housing comes with American Made 3” O.D. x .188” wall 1026 D.O.M. steel tubing. 100% new Billet steel 9-Plus late model large bearing (Torino style) housing ends. Exhaust routing is made easier and bracket clearance is increased due to the shape of the housing.

Currie Enterprises provides the 9-Plus Nodular Iron “Sportsman 3rd Member Case”. Cast out of 65,000 p.s.i. nodular iron and features 3.062” carrier bearing bores, with a 1330 long yoke, and 31 spline carrier. These brand new Currie cases are now standard on all complete chassis from TCI Engineering.

This 9” Sportsman 3rd Member gear is 100% new. 31 spline high performance 1541 forged induction heat-treated alloy axles come standard. Axles comes with 2.80 center register hub and 2.5” brake space for later model big Ford housing ends. Each set of axles come with USA Made large tapered roller bearings with seals, heavy duty retainer plates, 1/2” wheel studs pressed on. Axles come with both 5 x 5″ Chevy truck bolt pattern. Standard width is 60″ Axle Flange to Axle Flange but custom widths are available.

All TCI Engineering products come with our Dual Warranty. 6 Year, 60,000 Mile Warranty on wear and tear items like bushings, tie rods, & ball joints. Any items built in house by TCI Engineering such as link bars, control arms, spindles, crossmembers, etc come with a Lifetime Warranty.

We pride ourselves in partnering with our customers to build their ride, the best way, the first time. Let us help you, too.


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All complete chassis come standard with:

  • Complete frame with center section
  • Complete front suspension with disc brakes
  • Complete rear suspension
  • 9“ Hot Rod Currie housing with your choice of gear set (3.00 – 4.56)
  • Small block engine and automatic transmission mounts
  • 31 Spline axles with new tapered bearings, seals and axle studs
  • 12” Hi-Tech Rear Disc (GM Caliper)
  • Custom steel brake lines terminated just under the cab
  • All cab, bed, bumper, core support mounts
  • This chassis design is engineered for excellent ride quality yet retain the utility of a pickup
  • 6” Tall fully boxed frame rails offer exceptional strength and rigidity
  • 12 piece center section adds strength while still allowing exhaust clearance
  • Suspension design provides a lowered stance while gaining ground clearance
  • Custom spindles use common late model C10 brakes but improve geometry to provide excellent handling
  • Bolt on steering arms provide tight turning radius and proper Ackerman angle
  • Vertical upper control arm mount plates make alignment & suspension tuning a snap
  • 3/16” Heavy duty cross member provides superior strength
  • Heavy duty upper and lower ball joints for additional strength and durability
  • Heavy duty upper and lower control arms provide added strength & safety
  • Vented front rotors and big bore calipers provide excellent braking capabilities
  • Energy suspension bushings throughout the chassis provide long lasting performance
  • Lightweight 1″ performance front anti-roll bar provides superior handling characteristics
  • Fully adjustable 4-Link rear suspension provides flexibility between ride quality, performance & utility
  • Brand new 9″ Currie rear end with 6 year/60,000 mile warranty offers peace of mind for years to come
  • Corrected wheelbase centers the front wheels in the well
  • Modern performance car handling and comfort in a 50 year old pickup
  • Fully plumbed brake lines shorten fabrication time
  • Engine and transmission mounts are pre-installed allowing your drivetrain combo to drop right in
  • All heli-arc welded for the highest quality & strength
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