*NEW* TCI Engineering’s Squarebody C10 4-Link

September 29, 2017 - 9:21 am

By: Jason Wilcox



TCI Engineering’s Squarebody C10 4-Link

If you have an afternoon, we have the suspension

TCI Engineering is proud to announce the release of our new Bolt-In Squarebody C10 4-Link. This new kit offers a significant ride height drop, excellent performance while maintaining the utility & strength of a truck. Simply bolts together in an afternoon.

You, like many customers want a lot of power under the hood so we overbuilt this 4-Link kit in every way possible. You want extreme rigidity for your pickup so we’ve designed unique bolt-on axle brackets that capture the axle tubes 360 degrees. These heavy duty brackets are made from 3/16” plate and locate easily onto your factory leaf pads.

Fully boxed c-notches capture both the inside and outside of the frame using 3/16” thick plate. With maximum travel and height drop in mind the c-notches were designed with the factory 12 bolt rearend in place. At full compression there is ¼” clearance between the top of the housing and the bed. This maximizes the amount of achieved ride height drop and wheel travel.


The 4-Link frame brackets are also constructed from boxed 3/16” plate. Installation of the frame brackets is very simple, you will use the same locating holes of the factory leaf spring brackets. 1.25” O/D link bars come standard and are designed to handle the abuses of a drag strip yet articulate well for street use.

Ride height is fully adjustable via coilovers and also 3 holes on the back of the axle bracket. At the lowest setting the fender to ground clearance is 24.50” with 29” tall tires.

Custom Rod Garage will have their ’73 Squarebody in the Jet Performance booth at SEMA so make sure to stop by and check it out.

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