4 wins in 2 days – #TeamTCI dominates NMCA West Autocross #2

 4 wins in 2 days

#TeamTCI Dominates NMCA West Autocross #2 by coming away with two victories in Classic Muscle and 2 victories in the Truck class.

The truck class is getting tougher with every event. The battle between all the C10’s is especially fun to watch. Sean Kelly piloting his TCI Equipped Stepside C10 pulled out an incredible final lap to win the Truck class on Saturday. This win moved him into the Pro class for Sunday. The Pro class was comprised of just Sean and Pat Sheely. They battled back and forth all day but Sean pulled out the Truck Pro class win on Sunday. Two wins in two days for Sean.

 Piloting our own #projectreddawn 2nd Gen Camaro Efrain Diaz managed an impressive win on Saturday in Classic Muscle. He had a few tenths lead on the next closest competitor and half a second on 3rd. He came out swinging early and held the lead all day. Each session he was quicker than the previous which only separated himself from the pack even further. This win moved him into the Classic Muscle Pro class.

Behind the wheel of Andy’s ’66 Nova, Jason Wilcox found himself behind the curve both Saturday and Sunday going into the final session of the day. Not having managed a clean lap all day either day had the pressure mounting. Being placed in a later group meant that he was one of the last Classic Muscle cars to run both days. On Saturday he was sitting in 9th place going into the final session. 3 laps in to a 4 lap session he nailed down a solid lap that moved him up to the 4th position. With one lap remaining he managed to pick up a couple more tenths moving him into 3rd. On Sunday not much changed for most of the day. A couple fast laps were rendered useless by cone penalties. On lap 2 of 4 he moved from the 8th position up to 5th with a solid run. The 3rd lap would be the one that was not only clean but enough for the Classic Muscle win. This now moves him into the Classic Muscle Pro class along with fellow #TeamTCI members Efrain Diaz & Chad Ryker. That’s 4 Wins in 2 Days for #TeamTCI

New comer to #TeamTCI Dan Wilcox had an excellent weekend as well. He literally had no time for testing leading up to the event. In fact, just hours before he was installing our Pro Touring tubular front clip in his car. He managed to come out swinging and laid down a 4th place finish on Saturday. Dan actually held down the #3 spot for most of the day only to get robbed of the podium spot by teammate Jason. Look for Dan to do great things in this car as he gets acclimated to the new found grip and weight reduction.