1939 Chevy Coupe – Harley Tucker


  • The car has a TCI Mustang II front end with full air ride suspension.
  • The rear has a triangulated 4-link suspension, also with airbags; all C-notched in the rear.
  • The rear end is a stock GM 10-bolt. The car also has TCI disc brakes and rack and pinion steering.
  • Wide White Coker 570-15 bias-ply tires, mounted on stock steel wheels that are powder-coated black with bullet center caps, bullet lug nuts and a spider ring.
  • The body modifications include the chop: 5 inches in the front and 6 inches in the back. Closing in the quarter windows turned it into a 3-window coupe.
  • Kurt’s Machine Shop in Nashville built the engine, a 1960 model Chevrolet 348 – a basic build bored 0.30″ over, with six Stromberg Super 97 carburetors (reproduction of the original Stromberg 97s) and a COMP Thumper cam.
  • The transmission is a GM 700R overdrive