1934 Ford Sedan – Ken and Lynn Seresun


  • TCI independent front suspension and custom cantilever rear suspension, with adjustable Carrera coil-over shocks at each corner.
  • 9-inch rearend filled with Dutchman axles
  • Wilwood calipers with drilled rotors
  • Massive 18×18-inch Mickey Thompson wheels and tires were stuffed under the rear fenders, with matching 15×4.5-inch rollers up front.
  • LS3, which was ultimately topped with an old-school 6-71 Mooneyham supercharger, dual four-barrel carbs
  • Tremec six-speed transmission
  • Multi-layer PPG paint job that started with a medium metallic red base topped with gold pearl, and then covered with wine berry, orange, and gold candies.

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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONu5yNRGZRA
  • https://www.drive2.com/b/412816/