Revology Cars Reproduction 1966 Mustang GT350

As part of our coverage of SEMA 2016, we caught up with Tom Scarpello from Revology Cars to discuss their brand new Reproduction 1966 Mustang GT350. And what we found out is pretty cool!

The Mustang GT350s are fully licensed by Ford and made available with either a Coyote or LSx power plant. To some, it may seem strange to offer a GM engine for a licensed Ford reproduction product, but the LS based platform is fully smog-legal, even for California– here’s looking at you Sunshine State residence! Check out what other interesting features and options these awesome new 1966 Mustang GT350s come with in the video below!

Official Press Release:

Revology Cars presents the world’s first replica of the original Mustang. Featuring a new, Ford-licensed body, a new engine, and all-new trim and chassis components, the Revology Mustang brings modern technology and classic style together like never before.


Revology makes classic Mustangs better, faster, more comfortable, more efficient, safer, and easier to drive. And, they’re easier to own thanks to a full factory warranty, Ford dealership-backed parts and access to the Ford service network. Revology gives you all the fun of owning a classic Mustang without the headaches! It is truly the best of old and new!


What is Revology?

Revology [rev-ol–uh-jee]: The use of modern technology to make classic vehicles better. At Revology Cars, we integrate modern componentry into classic vehicles to improve their performance, safety, reliability, comfort and efficiency and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while preserving their intrinsic style and character.


We create fun to drive, well-balanced automobiles that artfully blend performance, handling and comfort. Rather than being intimidating, our cars are easy to drive.


At Revology Cars, we obsess over every detail of vehicle integration, development, and testing. We take a measured, scientific approach, using the best practices of the world’s leading automakers in order to deliver a consistent, high quality product to our customers.

Our company is run by people with a deep-rooted passion for cars. Being a “Revologist” is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle, a statement of who we are.

We strive to create cars that are unique and special, and make people happy.

This is Revology.

To check out the Revology 1966 Mustang GT350 or any of their other impressive reproduction cars, visit