Currie 9″ Rear Axle

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TCI Engineering & Currie complete 1937-1939 Chevy pickup 9 inch Ford Rearend

Fabricated by highly trained and experienced welders using precision tooling. All joints are MIG welded while all brackets are installed using precision TIG welding.  Today’s High-Performance engines require the strength and reliability these round-back housings provide.

TCI Engineering fabricates all of its 1937-1939 Chevy pickup Currie 9″ Ford Rearend housings in-house using only high-quality 100% Curries 9-Plus rear end components. Modeled after the popular factory 9” Ford stock housing which is now nearly extinct, the 9-Plus Hot Rod housing is similar to the early style. The 9-Plus model is made of U.S. supplied premium grade formed steel. Strength and rigidity is increased by using thicker gauge steel. The housing comes with American Made 3” O.D. x .188” wall 1026 D.O.M. steel tubing. 100% new Billet steel 9-Plus late model large bearing (Torino style) housing ends. Exhaust routing is made easier and bracket clearance is increased due to the shape of the housing.

 Currie Enterprises provides the 9-Plus Nodular Iron “Sportsman 3rd Member Case”. Cast out of 65,000 p.s.i. nodular iron and features 3.062” carrier bearing bores, with a 1330 long yoke, and 31 spline carrier. These brand new Currie cases are now standard on all complete rearends from TCI Engineering.

 This 9” Sportsman 3rd Member gear is 100% new.

31 spline high performance 1541 forged induction heat-treated alloy axles come standard. Axles come with a 2.80 center register hub and 2.5” brake space for later model big Ford housing ends. Each set of axles comes with USA Made large tapered roller bearings with seals, and heavy-duty retainer plates, 1/2” or 7/16” wheel studs pressed on. Axles come with a 5 x 4¾” Chevy wheel bolt pattern. The standard width is 60″ Axle Flange to Axle Flange but custom widths are available.

  • Currie round back housing with late/large Ford bearing flanges (width of your choice)
  • All TCI Suspension bracketry installed and fixture welded
  • Nodular 3rd member with your choice of new gear sets ranging from (3:00 to 4:56)
  • 31 Spline axles with new tapered bearings, seals and axle studs
  • 11” Drum brakes
  • Axle brackets fully welded
  • 1330 Yoke (long)
  • Your choice of 4.5” or 4.75” Bolt circles
  • Gear lube and Posi lube (when applicable)
  • 9-Plus Hot Rod housing utilizes thicker gauge steel for increased strength and rigidity
  • Your choice of gear ratios to match desired cruise RPM
  • 100% brand new Nodular Iron case is Strong and Durable
  • 31 Spline High Performance 1541 Forged Alloy axles are rated for 600 HP
  • Commonly used Late/Large bearing housing ends makes finding replacement bearings/seals easy
  • Tapered roller bearings provide the proper preload for long bearing life
  • 1330 Yoke is commonly used and durable
  • The 9-Plus Rear Drum Brake Kit comes complete with backing plates assembled
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