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The “Triple Economy” F-Series replaced the F1 in 1953. The 1950s F100 introduced features that were considered luxurious for a truck back then, including an automatic transmission, power brakes, an adjustable seat, and seat belts. It was also the last vehicle to get Ford’s legendary flathead V8. Long body lines and a wide grille make it look great with a lowered suspension. When you drop your truck with components from Total Cost Involved, it does more than improve its looks. Our chassis and suspension improve your  1953 -1956 Ford F100 truck’s performance, so it works as well for pro-touring as it does parked at a show. Best of all, we back our high-quality components with the industry’s best warranty and have a team of pros ready to answer questions throughout your build. Browse our selection of 1953 to 1956 F100 truck chassis and suspension parts below.