New Product: 1969-1972 2WD Blazer Chassis

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TCI Engineering’s 1969-1972 2WD Blazer Chassis

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TCI Engineering is proud to release all 3 versions (Classic, Pro-Touring & Grounded) of our new 1969-1972 2WD Blazer chassis. The ‘Classic’ Chassis aka the 5/7 drop chassis utilizes our Pro-Touring IFS & 4-Link rear suspension. The ‘Pro-Touring’ Chassis utilizes our Pro-Touring IFS & Torque Arm rear suspension with stepped rear frame rails. The ‘Grounded’ Chassis utilizes a narrowed track width version of our Pro-Touring IFS & 4-Link rear suspension with even more aggressive stepped rear frame rails.

63 66 Chevy C10 Pro Touring Chassis Front End

The Pro-Touring IFS is based on our Custom Modular Spindle & Steering Arm. With over 35 degrees of turning radius and aggressive geometry this front end provides handling characteristics like a late model performance vehicle. Also available is a version of the Wilwood Pro Spindle modified to work with our steering geometry. The Pro-Touring IFS features high-performance fully-adjustable Ridetech coil overs, power rack and pinion steering, heavy duty tubular control arms, modular spindles with chro-moly pins, & heavy duty ball joints. This combination of high quality parts provide extra strength & big weight savings over the factory IFS. The Pro-Touring crossmember was designed to offer additional ground clearance over the factory IFS so it will sit low and not drag ground. Optional Wilwood brakes are available in various sizes and caliper designs to match your desired use.

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The 4-Link rear suspension under the ‘Classic’ & ‘Grounded’ Chassis is built to handle the copious amounts of Horsepower from today’s high performance crate engines. Utilizing our Pro-Street axle brackets the 1.25” O/D heavy duty link bars attach to the frame via massive fully boxed plate brackets.

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The Torque Arm rear suspension under the Pro-Touring Chassis is built to handle corners. Your Blazer won’t sit like a truck anymore with our stepped rear frame rails. The ride height is absolutely slammed for a performance driven stance. This keeps your center of gravity low, body-roll low, and the winning up. The predictability while applying throttle at corner exit is next level which means faster lap times. The telescoping slider at the leading edge of the Torque Am allows bind free articulation and plunge during travel. The L/H & R/H pinion bars make pinion adjustments a breeze. 1.25” O/D link bars and adjustable roll steer allow fine tuning of your set-up.

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All of our Blazer chassis feature a 12 Piece center section that provides strength and rigidity. Built in driveshaft loop adds another level of safety for your big Horsepower combo.


Frame rails are cut out of plate steel & seam welded to ensure consistent thickness throughout.


All frame rails are fixture welded to ensure consistent fitment on every chassis we build. There is over 120 feet of weld bead laid down on each individual chassis.


Before the frame rails are placed in the chassis fixture all 4 weld edges are carefully ground and smoothed. Any deviations in weld height found during this process require the frame rail to go back to the welding station.

C10 Fixture Cad


Every chassis we build is welded in a fixture. This isn’t just a chassis table with the frame rails strapped down. This is a sophisticated vehicle specific fixture where the frame rails are fully captured from front to back. There is no cutting corners during this process. Our tight tolerances front to back ensure the cab, core support, & bed bolt on without drama.

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 Take your tired, cracked, weak, rusted factory frame, and throw it away. If you want the best, you must start with the best foundation. All TCI Chassis are fully fixture welded in our Ontario, California manufacturing facility. When your new chassis arrives you can rest assured it’s the best frame you can buy for your truck.

Dual Warranty Seal

Need more proof this is the best chassis you can put under your truck? We offer a Six-Year 60,000 mile warranty on wear and tear items such as bushings, ball joints, and your steering gear. Any hard parts that we manufacture in house such as the frame, link bars, control arms, spindles, and cross members come with a lifetime warranty.

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