*NEW* Mustang Torque Arm for ‘Mini-Tubbed’ vehicles

Introducing: 64.5-70 Mustang Torque Arm Kit for ‘Mini-Tubbed’ Vehicles

TCI Engineering is proud to announce that our popular Torque Arm rear suspension kit for ’64-’70 Mustangs has been re-imagined to now work with those vehicles that have been mini-tubbed! Our proven Torque Arm rear suspension has recently been redesigned to work with up to a 315 wide tire on ’64 through ’68 model-year Mustangs, and a 335 wide tire on ’69 and ’70 Mustangs. Using many of the existing Torque Arm kit components we were able to maintain the proven suspension geometry while producing a new kit that performs even better thanks to the extra contact patch from wider tires.

Just like our existing Torque Arm rear suspension kit for the ’64 through ’70 Mustang, our new kit for mini-tubbed vehicles offers a strong platform for street, auto cross and road course applications. Designed to eliminate suspension bind during cornering, this new and improved kit features a telescoping slider in the torque arm which allows for optimal handling through the coil-overs and rear sway bar without binding variables.

Mini-tubbed cars look strong and sleek with a lowered stance, and this kit allows for that in addition to improved handling qualities. With three height adjustments (in one-inch increments) on the axle brackets, you can choose just how low you want your ride to sit without sacrificing any improved handling qualities you’re after. Even further height adjustments can be made through the adjustable coil-overs.

New and Improved Features:

The mounting points for the lower links bars have been moved inboard of the frame rails, providing more space for a wider wheel and tire package

We’ve added frame reinforcement brackets and an adjustable chassis tie bar to stiffen the whole assembly as well.

Easy to install as a mostly bolt-on application, this kit is available for both 8-inch and 9-inch axle housings (to be specified at the time of order). And just like the rest of our products, it is backed by a 6-year/60,000 mile warranty on wear and tear items, as well as a lifetime warranty on any component built in-house by TCI Engineering.

If ultimate handling qualities and maximum tire width is what you desire for your early Mustang, this suspension kit offers everything you need. Don’t waste another day fighting with inferior suspension characteristics when it comes to your prized ride!

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