HS Customs 1969 Camaro – Under Pressure

Alex Short’s 1969 Camaro built by the talented folks at HS Customs in Logan, UT.

Alex Short began building this 1969 Camaro in his garage. His vision for the car was to not just be another ’69 Camaro but something truly special. However, he didn’t want to stray too far from what made the ’69 Camaro special and unique. He contacted TCI Engineering to discuss his options for a complete rolling chassis. Even with Alex knowing the level at which this build would reach there was a sense of humility about him. He wasn’t looking for a handout, or even a partial sponsorship. He decided on our Custom IFS and Torque Arm rear complimented by a Currie 9″ and 13″ Wilwood brakes.

A year or so later we got a call from Alex. The project had taken a turn and was no longer being built in his garage. He realized that his vision of the project required some very talented people to join the team. He contacted Cam Miller from HS Customs in Logan, UT and enlisted them to take on the project. Cam’s been in business since 1997 and has built everything from dragsters to ATV’s. Even though HS Customs had built some pretty wicked projects Alex’s Camaro was going to truly showcase their full capabilities.

During this conversation with Alex where he is updating us on the build he mentioned to keep an eye out for an upcoming issue of Super Chevy where his engine would be showcased. The only information we had to go on was that the new name for the project was ‘Under Pressure’. A few more months went by keeping our eyes open for any sight of said article. Finally in October of 2014 we come across a monster of an LSx with Twin Nelson Racing Engines Turbos making north of 1000HP on pump gas. The project name ‘Under Pressure’ would make sense but this was a pretty wild engine, again with Alex downplaying the whole build I wasn’t entirely sure. It was anyone’s guess. Low and behold, there is Alex’s name attached to this Bullet. Super Chevy Article This was early in the build process so we figured if the engine is getting coverage then the whole build was going to be pretty darn cool.

Little did we know that the final outcome would be far exceeding anything we could have ever imagined. Over the next year and a half we didn’t hear anything about the project. Fast worward to spring 2016 we start seeing this gorgeous white ’69 Camaro popping up on Social Media. Originally not knowing that this was the same car we get another call from Alex telling us that the car will be going to the Detroit Autorama and also the Columbus Goodguys show. So we caught up with Alex and Cam at the Columbus Goodguys show where they were awarded the Top 5 Street Machine of the Year. These two were some of the most humble people we’ve ever met, they were certainly not used to being in the spotlight. They were overjoyed and humbled by the whole experience. A quick look around showed the stacked competition against them by the likes of  DSE, Roadster Shop, Dutch boys, and Goolsby Customs. We’re guessing that if they keep building vehicles as wicked as Alex’s ’69 Camaro they will need to get used to being in front of cameras.