2023 Musclecars at the Strip – Horny Mike, Steve Dulcich & Wiley Stevens autocross #SabotageC10

2023 Musclecars at the Strip

During the 2023 Musclecars At The Strip Autocross event in Las Vegas, we decided to have a little fun with some of the celebrity attendees. We of course had to get George Reiss from Reiss Racing & Restoration on board since it was his C10 truck we planned on abusing. There was a last minute change of plans with 2 of the scheduled drivers and schedule conflicts. Luckily, we had a back up plan and the stars aligned. During lunch time on Saturday we cleared the course and let these guys loose one at a time. The big surprise for us was Horny Mike from Counts Kustoms. While both Wiley Stevens and Steve Dulcich had already been racing a different vehicle and knew the course, Mike did not. We took Mike for a couple orientation laps just to get him caught up. His first lap was pretty chaotic as he went completely off course. So the fact that by lap 3 he laid down a lap fast enough to land him mid pack out of all competitors was impressive. Wiley was 2nd in the line up and he also took to the truck very quickly. He laid down 3 consecutive fast laps but cones on his fastest lap killed his chances. We weren’t sure what to expect with Dulcich. We knew he had done some racing experience but we had heard some stories that he likes to screw around. It’s all in good fun right? When the dust settled, Steve definitely killed the most cones out of all the drivers so he was awarded the Cone Killer award.

The truck is a very well set up ’73 C10 aka #SabotageC10 that was built by Reiss Racing & Restoration out of Escondido, CA. It is a bare bones, purpose built truck that utilizes our Pro Touring IFS and Torque Arm rear. We have spent the last year dialing this truck in trying to make it the best it can be. That includes adding weight to the rear trying to make it as balanced as possible. All of this translates to important data that we can pass along to our customers. The idea that anyone can get in this truck and be fast is a testament to its performance. The truck performed flawlessly in spite of the added abuse of 3 additional drivers.

Leading up to the event there was a little extra stress. The Monday before the event we found ourselves at another event with the truck. After lap two the factory clutch started to let go. We ended up limping the truck thru that event trying not to do too much damage. On Tuesday we called our buds at Mcleod Clutches and got set up with a RXT clutch and a new Hydraulic bearing. So over the course of 48 hours we yanked the transmission and swapped in the new clutch. Which meant we did the break-in at the event and properly abused it right away.