2022 P.O.L. Cruise/Autocross – Even more fun than last year’s event

2022 P.O.L. Cruise/Autocross

 When we heard that P.O.L. (Performance Online) would be having another “Inland Invasion” Autocross at the Auto Club Speedway we were very excited. We had fun at the inaugural event last year and knew it would be a good time again. The meet up spot would be the Bass Pro Shops in the nearby Victoria Gardens mall. From there we would cruise east on some side streets eventually landing on Cherry Ave. Southbound on Cherry Ave. until the entrance to the speedway and onto Lot #6. Where the Racing Byrds set up a fun, fast and technical course for us to enjoy.

We’re always happy to see the usual vendors that help us make our suspension the best that it can be. Wilwood, Currie and even American Racing wheels were all in attendance. Plus a number of other local vendors like Fitech, Black Widow Mufflers, & Purpose Built.

We brought out  Andy’s ’66 (yes, it is a ’66) Nova and would have 3 drivers sharing duties. Evan Dalley (Sales Manager), Jason Wilcox (Marketing Supervisor) and of course Andy Mule would all have their chance to flog the car. This was the first time in a long time that Evan has wheeled this monster. So we knew he was at a disadvantage vs. Andy & Jason. Harrison and Kevin aka “The Beach Boys” brought out the rocket wagon as well. This was going to be a battle of the Novas.

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Jon Henson from Currie Enterprises brought out his #TCIequipped Nova.


Tony Causor brought out his recently dyno’d 800+ whp monster of a Nova. Also #TCIequipped


Jeremy Schmidt from Fitech brought out his #TCIequipped Nova as well. While he didn’t have the supercharger on it for this event we look forward to its boosted future.


George Reiss also brought out his ’69 Camaro aka #blurple. Him and Tom Kamman would share driving duties.


James Crosby rolled out in Tanya Toothman’s #racedeuce to test out a few additions to the car. The rear diff (locker) in this car makes it fun/interesting. Mid corner when the diff decides to lock the car goes into a temporary oversteer situation, so your initial instinct is to counter steer but the rear instantly grabs again and now you find yourself trying to turn away from the apex. It definitely takes some getting used to but this car reacts instantly to inputs and is so much fun. Looking forward to more testing and getting this car to the top of the standings.


The classes were broken down between Vendor and regular Classic Muscle. So Jason, Jeremy, Harrison would represent Wilwood, Fitech, and Currie respectively. George, Jon, Tony, Tom and Crosby in the #racedeuce would be placed in regular Classic Muscle. In session one Tom Kamman jumped out into a quick lead with a 35.448 on lap 2. This time would be Tom’s fastest and eventually be enough for the win in Classic Muscle. Andy would be stuck in 4th place all the way until his final lap where he laid down a killer 36.337 lap bumping him to 2nd. Evan and George battled for the final podium spot with Evan edging him out by  just over a tenth of a second. Crosby would pull out a 5th place finish making the Top 5 cars in Classic Muscle all #TCIequipped.

In the Vendor class Harrison came out swinging and ran a 35.575 in the Rocket Wagon to put him in 1st place. Jason would come close in the 1st session with a 35.597 but still found himself in 2nd behind his teammate. Jeremy found himself in 5th in the Vendor class after session one. In the 2nd session Jason was able to clean up some trouble areas and lay down a 34.999 second lap for the Vendor class win. #TeamTCI would finish Top 2 in the vendor class and had the Top 6 fastest lap times of any car on the property.

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We’re already looking forward to doing this again next year.