2022 NMCA Autocross #1 – TCI Domination – Classic Muscle and Truck classes

2022 NMCA Autocross #1 

The NMCA West Autocross series is one of the toughest competitions in the West for Classic Muscle cars & Trucks. We have some of the fastest vehicles around running a parking lot at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA.

In Classic Muscle there were 29 cars vying for the top position. It would be Chad Ryker piloting Ed Moss’ ’67 Mustang taking the top spot both days. Not only did he win Classic Muscle on Saturday which moved him into the “Pro” class, He also won the “Pro’ class on Sunday. Something else happened though, that has only happened a few times before. A Classic Muscle class car would win the weekend averages award. Chad was able to lay down consistently fast laps all weekend landing just .04778 ahead of Tom Berry driving the GT3. This earned Chad 50 points towards the championship and a fantastic start to the year.


Meanwhile in the Truck class Sean Kelly in his red stepside C10 #redheadedstepside would completely dominate the class. He finished nearly a second ahead on Saturday and half a second on Sunday. To add to that he would have finished in the Top 5 in Classic Muscle with a pickup. Needless to say he was flying all weekend. After event #1 Sean came away with the points lead by just 1 point. It’s going to be another tight battle between Sean & Michael Williams this year.


20220129 165556

Piloting the #ProjectCleanSweep C10 squarebody Jeff Rode pulled out the Truck class win on Sunday. Which if memory serves me well this is the earliest in the season that Jeff has ever turned “Pro”. This class is always fun to watch. The battles are always close and these guys know how to have fun with it. Jeff came away with 15 points from this event placing him 3rd for the championship.


20220130 165815