2021 Pro Touring Truck Shootout ‘West’ – Sean Kelly podiums in the highly contested T1 Class

2021 Pro Touring Truck Shootout ‘West’

In its 2nd year the 2021 Pro Touring Truck Shootout is gaining popularity. This would be the first year for an event on the West Coast. Held at the world renowned Wild Horse Pass but more commonly known as Firebird Raceway. The facility is home to many motorsports activities. For this weekend we would be using one large parking lot to perform Autocross and Speed/Stop. Saturday would be the Autocross portion and the competition would heat up fast. Many of the top contenders in T1 were all in the same group. This meant that any leapfrogging of positions would happen while other drivers were unaware during their own laps. This put extra pressure on the drivers to raise the bar and hope that they don’t get knocked down any positions.

 On Sunday the course was reworked to facilitate the Speed/Stop Challenge. Which consisted of a short drag strip with a slight left turn, into a 150 degree turn, short slalom and into a stop box. The timing beams were placed just in front of the stop box so the goal was to enter the box as fast as possible without killing cones on the backside of the box. It proved to be a challenge with the speeds involved as many trucks just plowed right thru them.

*Video coming soon*