2018 Brothers Truck Show

2018 Brothers Truck Show

 Grass & shade is a pretty rare thing for a Southern California Car/Truck show. SoCal residents might be able to attend shows pretty much year round but lets face it, the summer time shows can be miserably hot. For the past 20 years Brothers Truck Parts has put together a Truck show at the Canyon RV Park off the 91 Freeway & 241 split. The park is large enough to hold plenty of wild trucks. This year was no exception with nearly 700 trucks registered. Anything from stock C10s with campers to wild 1000+ HP diesel powered monsters. The 2018 Brothers Truck show never disappoints.

 We had planned on bringing our Twin Turbo C10 project (Ctwin) to the show with only weeks to prepare. There was no way the truck would be completed in time so we just planned on making it a roller. Even this turned out to be a challenge. The weeks leading up to the event were spent mocking up the rear suspension and cycling the suspension for wheel/tire clearance. Just days before the event the truck was dropped down onto the ground for the first time. The wheels were borrowed from Ed’s ’67 Mustang just to make it to the show.

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