New Product: 1963-1987 C10 Chassis *both* “Classic” & “Pro-Touring” Available Now

1963-1987 C10 Chassis Lineup 1600x600

The long wait for the 1963-1987 C10 Chassis is over! Even better, both standard and stepped rail chassis options are available right now!

67 72 C10 Classic Chassis63 66 Chevy C10 Pro Touring Chassis


Total Cost Involved is proud to offer you our new and complete 1963-1987 Chevrolet C10 Chassis! These brand new frames include all new front and rear suspension – simply take off the cab and bed of your truck and set it on our chassis and you’re done!


Both frame options are laser cut and jig welded for the utmost precision and strength. In the front we widened the frame to allow more room for headers and steering components. In the rear we’ve narrowed the frame to allow for outboard mounted shocks and wider tires.

63 72 C10 Classic Chassis Slide

Whichever style you choose, in the front is our trusted and track proven Pro Touring IFS system which is designed as a compact and heavy duty coil over suspension system to give you maximum performance on or off the track. The Pro Touring IFS features tubular control arms, coil overs, and rack and pinion steering along with Custom Modular spindles to provide plenty of brake options.

63 66 Chevy C10 Pro Touring Chassis Front End

In the rear there are two different coil over suspension choices based on your needs and preferences. Both of these replace the outdated and under performing truck arm suspension that’s seen on factory C10 frames. The first is a Torque Arm suspension that eliminates binding while featuring the TCI Engineering slider mount at the front of the arm that rotates and telescopes as the truck goes through its range of motion. Our second option is a performance orientated Four-Link suspension with adjustable link bars.

67 72 C10 Classic Chassis 4link

Either rear suspension system will provide you with a comfortable ride heading down to the burger joint while performing exceptionally on the autocross or drag strip. No matter which one you choose, you’re able to adjust the ride height in order to fine tune your needs.

63 66 Chevy C10 Pro Touring Chassis Rear End

No matter which rear suspension system you choose, both come with a complete Currie 9-inch rearend. The housing is fabricated in house for maximum strength to give your truck the ultimate in reliability. We can build these for your exact specifications from stock width to shortened for your large rear wheels!

63 66 Chevy C10 Pro Touring Chassis Center

The icing on the cake is that all TCI Engineering products come with not just one, but two warranties. The first is a Six-Year, 60,000 mile warranty on wear and tear items such as bushings, coil overs and ball joints. The second is any items built in house by TCI Engineering such as link bars, control arms, spindles, crossmembers, etc come with a lifetime warranty!


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